Monday, November 22, 2010

November so far

So, November. Nothing overly interesting going on in Hawaii. I've been doing the usual. Riding Shannon, school (ugh), hiking, swimming, and reading. Dad replaced the carpet in my room. (It's wood now!!!!!!!) And I went shopping a couple times since I have way too many jeans, not enough shorts. Who would have thought shorts would be impossible to find here? I have found one pair in the million times I've gone shopping, but that just aint enough. Maybe I'll try Walmart. I like their stuff. Oh, and Macy's, charging 40 bucks for a pair of cheap shorts won't sell them. Just to let you know.

We went to PoliPoli Thursday. It is a state park with... what you ask? Cedar, redwoods, pine and other forestry trees. You would never know you were in Hawaii if someone just dropped you off her randomly. It's cool and usually foggy. Here's a site: (it says ten acres, but there are way more trees than that)

I feel like I'm forgetting something this month. o.O