Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawaiian Dictionary

Here is a list of the Hawaiian words I've been using. You can link back to this post whenever you need to by the labels on this post. (dictionary, hawaiian, and words) This post will just be updated, I won't continually make new ones.

A'a: (Ah-ah) Sharp lava rocks, the ones you don't walk on barefoot
Aloha: (A-low-ha) Love, hello, goodbye. You may hear people refer to the 'aloha spirit'
Pali's: (Paul-ee) Cliffs. Most are high. Some Hawaiians used to (and still do) jump off them to symbolize different things

Wild West Maui

I know. I said I would update this Thursday and it's Monday now... but hey, I'm pretty bored right now so I thought I would go ahead and update it.

We decided to head out pretty early in the morning, around 9 AM. We went to our favorite resteraunt (McDonalds) twice that morning. No, we aren't pigs. We got drinks first and realized we forgot lunch so decided to run in and grab some McChickens. For the record, McDonalds isn't our favorite resteraunt, just the most visited. Anyway...

Most people want to know what's in West Maui. We all know of Lahaina and even Honolua Bay, but few people go past that area. Simply put, you can find anything from high pali's (sea cliffs) to blowholes. The trail to get to the blowhole is really neat. It's being eaten alive by acid. Of course, the trail is steep and not for the un-sure footed. (I hope that's a word) It's definitely worth the hike down there. If you want to be boring and lazy, there is another trail down there a little more than half the way of the other.

Next we visit the Olivine Pools. We discovered this in a book called Maui Revealed. Maui Revealed says and proves that there is much of Hawaii still left to be discovered if you want to explore a little. Me and my dad are hikers, so we really liked this. (Mom isn't a hiker but she tagged alone too) The pools are mostly protected from the ocean. They have a lot of algae on them which always freaks me out. I hate the slimy feel and not knowing what I'm stepping on. There is one very deep, too, but I didn't explore that one. Yet again, we are waiting for some guinea pigs to help us explore some of these places.

I wish we could have explored Lahaina a little more than we have! We haven't really explored it since we've been here. Somebody come visit so we can. ;)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Death sentences

...are about anywhere on the island. And being the paranoid freak that I am, every little bug, cliff, and tiny (but painful) jellyfish washed on shore freaks me out. Oh and not to mention the centipedes here. The bites are so painful it can feel like a bee sting or being shot by a gun. The doctors here say the only cure is being drunk for three days. Not pretty.

I can't wait till someone visits us. (Although the previous paragraph may not be the best persuasion to come visit) We have been going out and exploring and some of the sights I just have to share! We're also getting ticked at the naive tourists around here who say they don't have time or interest in going to Hana. These people shouldn't be on Maui. If you want sand and ocean, go to Florida or Califonia. You're in Hawai'i now! Make the most of it!

Ok. So it seems we go to beach about once a weekish. Yesterday we went to this beach we thought would be sooo cool and it just ran into the beach we've been to a lot. (But there is a reason we go to that beach a lot) so I stayed awhile and did some bodysurfing since the waves were pretty good. But this morning we tried out three new snorkel spots! The first was cloudy and a little rough - we may try it again sometime when we have more guinea pigs (haha aren't we just the best hosts ever?) The second one was awesome. It's not really amazing when it comes to diversity but it's clear and you could stay there for an hour and not see it all. Getting out was very difficult though and I have scars to prove it. The last was on the reddish black sand beach in Kihei. Getting in was much easier here but the there wasn't many fish. We swam a good way - probably a half mile at least.

So we are going to explore West Maui Thursday. Updates then!!!!


(P.S. I am so inconsistent with this blog. I reccommend checking it weekly)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My everything

You may ask what my everything is... this is a pretty broad term. But I can't narrow it down to one thing! My everything is no less than my horse, Hawaii, my friends, family, and of course the friends at the congregation. So here's a little about my 'everything.' AKA... life. Basically.

First, exciting news! I have talked to someone from a magazine about writing about Shannon and our journey to Hawaii! For anyone who wants to know, it's the RMHA official magazine. I hope I write an article that will be published with flying colors. I wonder about my writing skills though. All my stupid ideas and words don't like coming together in just the right way. But I will keep everyone updated on whether it will be published or not.

School is really easy. I turn in work and get an A+ I never really realized how challenging my school was until I came to Hawaii. This is all pretty boring to me. (psst... don't tell me teachers. I don't really want extra work) I only go to school 2 1/2 days a week, with virtual work on the other two days. I do like that. It gives me time for... well pretty much anything I have better to do.

Today we were going to have a perfect day at the beach. Snorkel gear packed, hoping for a long and lazy day. It rained. Yep. Makena, which rains about 2 days out of the year, decided to absolutely destroy our day. Oh well. We are going back in a couple days. I really want to learn how to surf but I have to wait. Not only do you have to buy the very expensive surfboard but the needed surf lessons so I don't kill myself and everyone within 100 yards of me. Someday.