Saturday, April 30, 2011


See, I didn't completely abandon my blog! Even though it's been... 1, 2... a lot of months since I wrote on it, but I have not forgotten about it.

So while you guys are drowning back there in Indiana/Kentucky, we have had months and months of pure sunshine and warm weather here. But don't get too jealous yet. Months of sunshine also means months of drought and we rely heavily on rain from up in the mountain. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but only select things get watered and the rest is a dusty mess. Dust+trade winds equals a very dirty room. I wipe it down with lysol and Windex but 15 minutes later you can create drawings in the layer of dust. But of course, only my room is affected. Haha.

School is pretty much the same. We have been going out more and doing hands on activities. We did observations on whales (too fun), what sand is made of, and sand erosion. And we are starting on tidal currents as well. So it's safe to say we spend more time outside than in when it comes to science class, which I am thankful for.

And Shannon is doing wonderfully! She is such a sweetheart and I rode her for about 2 hours a couple days ago. After over 5 hours at the stable I was extremely sore. It didn't help that we did community service the next day at school pulling invasive species out of the endangered ones. Just a friendly tip... gloves can be your best friend when pulling weeds. As can long pants and closed toe shoes. Darn fire ants.

Send all your love over to Japan, by the way. It happened a few weeks ago, but the people over there are still very much affected by it. Hawaii is fine - no deaths from the 'huge' tsunami even though a few buildings got damaged and people are out of work.

I will submit a new blog entry soon! Please comment if you read this so I know that people do still read this. I'm bookmarking it now so I'll visit it more often.