Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You know, the longer I've been here, I notice what is and isn't different about Hawaii and Indiana/Kentucky. Some things are good (beautiful scenery, good weather, more breaks off school) and the not-so-good things (seriously, where else does milk cost 5 bucks a gallon? And why are we paying more for food grown a mile away than what you pay on the mainland?) But the biggest difference is... love.

I mean, sure love isn't non existent on the mainland, but there is a big difference over here. I remember when I had Dakota, my first horse. Trying to get help and constructive criticism and people who really cared about my training/riding was impossible. They didn't want to help me - all they cared about was how good they were at training horses and how they compared up to me. (A 14 yr. old who had never had a horse before. Yeah, you guys were REALLY impressive) Here, people commend me on what I'm doing right with Shannon(my horse in training) and offer constructive feedback when I need it. And me and Shannon could never be happier! She's doing great and I am gaining more confidence. And the reason is love. These horse trainers weren't haughty and stuck up, even though they are probably the best horse trainers I have personally ever known.

And school... I don't know where to start! Even though it may be different in other schools, my school is so supportive. The teenagers don't make exclusive cliques and they don't judge other people. Sure, we have the very few who do, but that is expected anywhere you go and anything you do in life. I have made a few good school friends who are great - and I have known them for like what, a few months? I've had friends before in the past who would stab me in the back for the dumbest things. And I would be upset, but now I realize why? Why I should I be upset if someone is unkind to me? It's their problem - I've got people who are actually going to be there for me and if someone is going to be a jerk for a really dumb reason, then I don't need friends like that. Nobody does. Everyone deserves people worth their time.

Hawaii is by no means perfect, but in general it isn't every man for himself. People care about each other, the elderly, children, and people who would be disrespected on the mainland are actually treated like people here. And really, what could be better than that? It's definitely worth paying a couple dollars for milk.