Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawaiian Dictionary

Here is a list of the Hawaiian words I've been using. You can link back to this post whenever you need to by the labels on this post. (dictionary, hawaiian, and words) This post will just be updated, I won't continually make new ones.

A'a: (Ah-ah) Sharp lava rocks, the ones you don't walk on barefoot
Aloha: (A-low-ha) Love, hello, goodbye. You may hear people refer to the 'aloha spirit'
Pali's: (Paul-ee) Cliffs. Most are high. Some Hawaiians used to (and still do) jump off them to symbolize different things


  1. Looking forward to improving my Hawai'ian!

  2. Haha yes! It's such a beautiful language. And good job with the '. ;)