Thursday, September 2, 2010

My everything

You may ask what my everything is... this is a pretty broad term. But I can't narrow it down to one thing! My everything is no less than my horse, Hawaii, my friends, family, and of course the friends at the congregation. So here's a little about my 'everything.' AKA... life. Basically.

First, exciting news! I have talked to someone from a magazine about writing about Shannon and our journey to Hawaii! For anyone who wants to know, it's the RMHA official magazine. I hope I write an article that will be published with flying colors. I wonder about my writing skills though. All my stupid ideas and words don't like coming together in just the right way. But I will keep everyone updated on whether it will be published or not.

School is really easy. I turn in work and get an A+ I never really realized how challenging my school was until I came to Hawaii. This is all pretty boring to me. (psst... don't tell me teachers. I don't really want extra work) I only go to school 2 1/2 days a week, with virtual work on the other two days. I do like that. It gives me time for... well pretty much anything I have better to do.

Today we were going to have a perfect day at the beach. Snorkel gear packed, hoping for a long and lazy day. It rained. Yep. Makena, which rains about 2 days out of the year, decided to absolutely destroy our day. Oh well. We are going back in a couple days. I really want to learn how to surf but I have to wait. Not only do you have to buy the very expensive surfboard but the needed surf lessons so I don't kill myself and everyone within 100 yards of me. Someday.


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