Friday, October 22, 2010

La Perouse Bay

'La Perouse Bay? Lindsey, you nitwit, that's French'

So true. Why on earth do we have a place in Hawaii with a French name? Does it look like France or something? Not quite. The area is an untouched field of lava and it is huge. The lava goes on forever and there is nothing along the way. If you go a little farther up, you can drive along it, but there isn't much to see. So what's so special about this place? It has three things going for it.

1.) Snorkeling, when it's not closed down, is amazing.
2.) Dolphins are very regular here.
3.) The a'a lava fields are pretty monotonous, but they are still amazing because of how diverse they are.

Also, a little bird told me that there is a trail to a secluded beach in the middle of these lava fields. We have never gone there, but I've seen pictures and hope I get to soon.

Makena Ranch is a great place to ride at sunset for anyone who wants to.

What else? Oh yeah, the reason this place has a French name is because of the French explorer who found the Hawaiian islands. Was he the first to discover them? No. Did he land here in this cove? I don't know, do a little research if you want to know.

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