Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stupid Tourists

First off, let me say I don't think all tourist are idiots. In fact most aren't. They just ask hilarious questions. But I thought you may enjoy some of these remarks I've either heard personally or been told by others. They are pretty hilarious. Some may not make much sense unless you live or have visited here. And if you don't get the jokes... you may want to brush up on your geography. Just sayin'.

1. (Referring to the off shore island of Kaho'olawe) Oh my gosh, is that Tokyo?

Oh yeah, totally. And see the land over there? That's California. No, really. And those lights are San Francisco.

"(joking)On the left side of the island is the Atlantic Ocean, and the right is the Pacific." Tourist: "That's so cool!"

Mmm hmm. And directly north is the Artic.

Is there water on the other side of that island?


How did you drive here???

They have these totally awesome cars that turn into boats now.

Which way is the ocean?

Do you have any idea of what an island is?

"Yeah we hike in Hawaii a lot." Tourist: "There are mountains in Hawaii?"

No, only huge hills 10,000 feet tall.

Did you have to learn Hawaiian when you moved over? (Heard this one a lot)

I think it's time you brushed up on what the 50 English speaking states are....

So yeah. Tourists... gotta love them. I'm leaving here in a week to go back to Indiana. =]

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