Thursday, August 19, 2010

By and by

Well plenty is going on this week.

Monday, I started school. It was ok, Iguess. Like any other school. I actually couldn't tell any differences. Sometimes I even forget I'm in Hawaii. Scratch that - I always feel happier and even healthier here, so I guess I DO know I'm always in Hawaii.

Also, Monday, our furniture got here. Blessing or curse? Eh... we can barely move around our condo since we have only arranged a few things. My room is purplish blue now, and I got a bedspread with horses running through water (so pretty!)

Wednesday I jogged on the beach before school. It was so beautiful. The West Maui Mountains have so much glory when they aren't covered in clouds. Not only that, there was a rainbow above the ocean. Now how cool is that?

And tomorrow, Shannon gets here!!!!! I'm so excited but I feel bad for her. She probably doesn't understand anything that's going on and she just wants to be home. (and with me, I hope)



  1. Let me know how Shannon is doing. I am sure she did fine. I know she missed you.

  2. She got here pretty healthy and happy:) Her feet are overgrown and she lost some hair in a couple places (nothing major) which will grow back with some MTG. She is actually at a healthy weight now and her coat is shining with health. She missed me. I can tell. <3