Saturday, August 14, 2010

Through a rainforest and home in one day

I have plenty of interestingness for you all!

OK so where do I start? Did I update the blog yesterday? I don't think I did. We got really bored yesterday and hit McDonald's, looked at some paint samples, and got a few things at Pier 1. Maybe they doesn't sound exciting, but you have to remember I could see beautiful mountains and palm trees while I was doing this! Which makes everything interesting.

But today was the most interesting. We went through Maui's rainforest. You wouldn't believe what you can see on the Road to Hana as they call it. We saw beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches, fresh water caves (some I got to swim in), red sand beaches, huge bamboo forests, tropical flowers, trees, fruits and The Seven Sacred Pools. You may be waiting for an explanation to why they're 'sacred.' Well here it is: The tourist industry wanted to attract people to it, so they gave it that name. Very interesting :)

The Red Sand Beach was really cool, though, because I went snorkeling. The sea around it is very, very rough but what makes it nice is that there is a lava rock border across the two sides of a small valley. It's hard to explain, I'll have to post some pictures. Anyway, when I went snorkeling I saw a small octopus! Not to mention some of the most beautiful fish on Maui, it's a new favorite of mine. The hike to get there is only for the sure footed, though.

Until next time


  1. That sounds like an awesome experience, especially seeing the octopus!!

  2. I apologize for my lack of answering questions skills XD

    Yeah it was really cool. If you ever visit, we HAVE to take you there!