Monday, August 23, 2010

Shannon's here!

Shannon arrived here a few days ago. We went to the dock around 9:30 but didn't get to see her until 10:00. She look pretty... confused. She was dropped off in a small stall in the middle of nowhere and just looking like, where am I? Sad to say, it was pretty comical. But she saw me and perked up right away. It was like "Oh, there you are. Everything is ok now!" It is the most amazing feeling in the world for a horse to love you like that.

She likes her new home too, I think. Of course, she would probably be content with my backyard right now compared to what she went through. I let her out in the arena the first day she got there. I swear she must have rolled 10 times, once while I was leading her! She just loooves to roll. She also let off some built up energy when she got a little warmed up. I took her down to graze in a big section for the horses but I didn't secure the gate right. She galloped to her equine buddies. She just didn't feel safe down there, away from them. She still seems a little apprhensive down there. I don't blame her, it freaks me out sometimes with weird noises from the wind.

She loves to follow me around. I'll go over and start scratching places I know she loves to have scratched. She also went galloping for a short while yesterday and galloped back to me, veering a little to make sure she didn't hurt me. I'm glad she knows how to not trample me over.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I posted! I'll keep updating everyone about her progress. Someday were going to start doing fun things like trail rides, competetions, and island adventures! Can't wait!



  1. Hey You

    These pics are great! I cnt wait to see more!

  2. Thanks! I'll post more ASAP. : )

  3. She looks so happy!! Now the whole family is there!

  4. Can't forget our kitties tho :(