Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 12(wow) - Cali

I can't believe it's already the 12th day already! I had a nice time today. We saw some redwood trees. It wasn't the ones you can drive through, but they were still huge! It seems like that two or three (or more) will grow together and make a huge tree.

I guess when you think of California, you think of the glamorous Hollywood or big cities like San Francisco. It is so different where we were! It was mostly hills, a lot like the Floyd Knobs, and they had towns with an exact population count of like 300. Teeny tiny towns, no phone service. Kinda crazy!

Tomorrow, we're taking the furniture from the uhaul and packing it or something for Hawaii. Then we get to ditch the uhaul(thank goodness). Saturday, the car gets ready to leave, and Sunday I get to see Shannon before I leave! Monday - we leave. So I will keep everyone posted on the last few, hectic days before the first day of the rest of my life comes!



  1. Glad you got to California safely, and it sounds like such a fun trip -- even though you were dragging that U-Haul behind you the whole way. So glad you get to see your horse before you leave. Is she shipping after you guys fly out?

  2. Yeah. I kinda wish she would be here sooner but she needs to layover and get her bearings a little. It's pretty rough on her :'(