Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 7 & 8 - More and more Wyoming

Forgot to update the blog yesterday. Oops.

Yesterday, I got to do something great! I was able to ride for about 5 hours straight with a personal guide! It was so enjoyable. There is so much beautiful land that you can't see in the car. I rode a paint horse named Cookie. (See the picture!)

Today, we entered into Yellowstone. We saw some geysers - not Old Faithful, yet, though. They were so neat. Some were different colors, some were very murky, and some were so clear you could see the bottom, even though it had to be more than 12 feet deep. It is very tempting to dip your feet into the clear blue ones with a gentle steam coming off them, but some are almost 200 degrees hot! Also, it's illegal. They may be beautiful, but the stench is very strong. Sulphur. (It smells exactly like rotten eggs)
The lakes here are gorgeous too! I got a few amazing pictures of the waterfall. Sadly, they are on my other camera and can't be posted. But be sure to check out the pics I was able to upload! If only the elk turned her head... I would upload more but the devil we call a laptop refuses to upload more.
Take care all...



  1. Awesome!

    Have you ever been to Yellowstone?

  2. Nope but would love to go. What I meant was I love your Blogg.....It is fun to keep up with you guys. Hey, what's your mom doing? How is she doing? Miss her too.

  3. I'm so glad you got the chance to have a nice, long ride!

  4. Mom is doing good. I think we're all relieved we're here but not settled in yet. Thanks so much everyone! I love reading your awesome comments!