Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 2 - Driving!

The name says all. We drove a lot, all day, rather. We went through Wisconsin and got to sample some cheese. It was odd. Kinda an eggy texture and very salty. Not sure if I would pay close to 6 dollars for a small bag, but it was kinda neat to try it!

We also went through Minnesota. Like Wisconsin, there was a lot of corn and farms. Really, they both reminded me of Indiana, except for one thing. It's not nearly as humid here, thank goodness! It's actually kinda nice!

I was able to get a picture of the Mississppii (never learned how to spell that) River. I may be able to upload it later. We ate dinner at a locally owned resteraunt. It wasn't very good. The meat in my spaghetti was processed and Dad said his fish was tasteless, and the mashed potatoes were instant! Oh well. It was clean and warm.

Tomorrow we're heading off to Mount Rushmore. I will try to take plenty of pictures!
Until tomorrow...



  1. We Miss You! Come Back! You are going the wrong way!

  2. Aw:( We miss you too. And I know who you are btw ;)

  3. Glad you guys got a chance to see a lot of the country while driving out.