Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 5 - Wyoming

Today we came into Wyoming - it is my favorite state so far! The mountains are so beautiful and the nature is so unspoiled. We went to a national monument called the Devil's Tower. It's a huge, random, towering, rock slab. It was 875 feet tall and people were climbing it! I got pleny of good pictures, but I still cannot upload them. I may not be able to until I get to Hawaii...

Anyway, we are staying at a nice place in the mountains. We are looking for a guest ranch to go real horseback riding - not that lame nose and tail trails you usually ride on. I bought the coolest bracelet in the world. It's real horsehair, tightly bounded and currently one of my favorites.

I will keep everyone posted on how the ride went. (Hopefully we'll get to ride tomorrow)



  1. I can remember my sister, Barbara, making horsehair bracelets and one time she even made a horsehair lariat out of hair from her own horse. I always thought I would enjoy visiting Wyoming. It is very hot and humid here, and looks it will remain so through next week. I hope it's much nicer where you are right now.

  2. I want that done with Shannon's hair someday. That's cool your sister made horse hair bracelets.

    It's hard to believe there is a hot spot in Wyoming, actually! We've been in the cold areas!