Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 13 - San Francisco

I do NOT like the big city. That includes San Francisco and its outskirts. I think we all got stressed just thinking about driving, and Dad actually had to! Still, we dropped the car, furniture, and uhaul where they needed to go.

It's weird how cold it is here! I can hardly stand outside without freezing. The wind chill factor makes it really bad. What's weird is it never really gets cold in the winter here - I think Dad said never below 50...

Another thing we saw a lot of in California, at least in the area we drove in, had dry grass and lots of vineyards. There are hills no matter where you turn, and the water here seems browner than most I've seen. And it's different than Chicago. Chicago seemed to cleaner (to me) than San Francisco. And maybe it's just me, but Chicago seems more... modern?



  1. I know I wouldn't like to be in a huge city like San Francisco or New York. Chicago is even too big for me! lol I know someone who lives in the hills in northern California, which is much, much different from the area you're in right now.

  2. We went there. You are so right! It is sooo secluded. I couldn't get cell phone service or anything through the hills. But, it was pretty :)