Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 3 - South Dakota

Today we left Minnesota and entered South Dakota. At first I wasn't all that impressed, it looked a lot like Indiana.

But when we started going out further, I could see how unique it was! Hills and valleys flooded the area, as far as the eye could see! There was so much hay, it was bundled on the side of the highway. What was really interesting, though, was when we entered the Badlands National Park. I don't really know how to describe it. There were HUGE pillars of what seemed to be dirt and sand, some hundreds (thousands?) of feet tall! I can't wait until I can show everyone the pictures. They were absolutely beautiful.

Before we entered Badlands National Park, we entered an "old" town. It was set up like you would see in the 1800's, very cool! It said some of the buildings were originals, from like the prairie times and travelled from different places. There was a saloon, school, homes, barns, firehouses, post offices... you name it. There was also a homestead with long horned cattle. Not to mention a horse (he was soooo sweet!) and get this. A CAMEL!

Didn't get to Mount Rushmore today, actually. I am almost 100% positive we will make it there by tomorrow. It's probably less than an hour away from where we are staying now. Until tomorrow night...


P.S. I am two hours behind you guys right now. So if you are looking for someone to talk to when it's late (your time) feel free to!!


  1. We miss you guys tons! We love you all! Kisses and hugs!


  2. I would love to go to an old Western town. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  3. Aw! Miss you too... xoxo

    They are cool! I like the ghost tons best of all